Last fall when the final version of the strategic plan was published it listed five core values of Davidson College, and noted that those five values are expressed in the College’s Statement of Purpose:

  • The Reformed Tradition
  • Honor and Integrity
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Service and Leadership
  • An Inclusive and Supportive Community
  • It is worth noting that the five values listed in the strategic plan are certainly in the Statement of Purpose, but it would be possible to generate a different list of values by looking at the Statement.  (The pursuit of truth, for example, is clearly emphasized in the Statement but isn’t made explicit in the list of five given in the Strategic Plan).

    In any case, we aren’t trying to reify these five values—we’re interested in discussing how well we’re living them, and whether we should be emphasizing them.

    To that end we tried to invite everyone in the College community to talk about what they thought Davidson’s core values should be.  We tried to make this a completely open process, and everyone who wanted to be interviewed got interviewed, with one major exception.  Many trustees asked to interview when they were on campus for their annual meeting, but the meeting got cut short because of a nasty snowstorm and most of the trustees had to leave early.

    Please feel free to explore the site and watch the 36 interviews in their entirety.  You will notice that each video has a comment option.  We welcome your comments and hope to begin healthy dialogue on these issues right here on this site.  You can  respond to other people’s comments as well.


    Dr. Paul Miller, Dr. Paul Studtmann, Jeff Tolly ’10